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November 27, 2019 in New Zealand

In October at Host Milan, an international hospitality trade fair in Italy, we unveiled our  Innovation Gallery showcasing newly released products coming soon to New Zealand — the “Today” Gallery, showcasing final designs available for order, and the “Tomorrow” and “Future” Galleries, showcasing prototypes to be released. We also announced our return to the grinder industry with the Swift Mini and the Swan grinders.

a revolution in grinding

The Swift Mini grinder has been designed for the home and office markets. For these people, the limitations of current espresso grinders have created a barrier to entry. Only the most passionate few were able to tame the complexities of grinding, dosing, and tamping coffee. People were being relegated to pre-packaged espresso pods, sacrificing quality for ease of use. The Swift Mini removes the complexities of preparation, allowing the focus to return to the final cup, instead of the process.

The Swan grinder has been designed for the coffee bar or cafe. The barista has had to work around the limitations of their grinding equipment; inconsistent dosing, heat, clumping, and retention. We have focused on solving these problems in new and unique ways to allow the work of the farmer, roaster, and barista to take centre stage.


the today gallery

swift mini
available to order now

The Swift Mini grinds, doses, and tamps, with the push of a single button. Grinding, dosing, and tamping have long been regarded as difficult steps in espresso preparation. This eliminates the need for additional tools and prevents wasting coffee. With the Swift Mini cafè quality espresso can now be achieved anywhere by anyone. In addition the Swift Mini can quickly and easily function as an on demand filter coffee grinder. In this way it is possible to grind for single espresso, or for filter brewing method.

modbar AV 1-Group
available to order now

Now an additional single tap and module can all be operated off a 10amp supply, which allows for a more cost-effective 3- group configuration requiring less power or simply a stand alone unit.


leva x 1-Group
available to order now

The iconic Italian Leva is now available in 1-Group.


the tomorrow gallery



expected Q2 2020
concept design shown

The Swan grinder removes the compromises of existing coffee grinders, allowing the barista to prepare the highest quality coffee with ease every time.

next generation gb5
expected TBC 2020
concept design shown

A stunning new body style with updated electronics from PB line with KB steam taps and optional ABR.


the future gallery



linea mini IoT
expected TBC 2020
concept design shown

La Marzocco has developing an app that allows you to preview functionalities such as user-profiling, data display, programmable machine settings, on/off remote control, cleansing & maintenance statistics, news, tutorials, and access relevant FAQs. It is our aim provide an app that enhances communication, coffee culture, guidance, and inform of any preventive maintenance to ensure your espresso machine keeps working like a dream.


Automatic Milk Steamer (AMS)
Concept design shown
Expected release TBC 2020

This clever little unit can steam any milk, any jug size to any drink style and the quality of steamed milk is outstanding. Can connect easily to any La Marzocco machine without losing use of existing steam arms or operate off a Modbar steam module. The AMS removes the need for onerous cleaning schedules or the sacrifice of vast amounts of undercounter space.

Next Generation Strada
Concept design shown
Expected release Q4 2020

The latest Strada delivers pressure profiling with ABR control of mass with our new straight in group heads. But all of this is wrapped in a seriously good looking new body style for the Strada family.


If you’d like to find out more and/or see additional photos and videos of products and prototypes, contact Tom, our General Manager who attended Host in October.

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