modbar espresso ep

Make an instant design statement without sacrificing performance and control. Cafes choose Modbar because they see the importance of transparency between baristas and guests.

The mod and tap work together to give you complete control over bar design and espresso extraction. We’ve worked with baristas, cafe owners, roasters and machine technicians to design state-of-the-art gear that transforms the customer experience.

– Multi-function brew lever, heated group-head and shot timer
– 3-zone PID temperature control and 2 progressive boilers
– Sleek chromed tap can be customised for your aesthetic
– Pressure profiling, volumetric dosing, & brew temp control

Product sheet

tap and module

A gear pump – the same pump used in the La Marzocco Strada EP – provides precise pressure control to create unique extraction curves for each coffee. Store and share profiles using built-in USB ports for consistency throughout your cafes. Dual boilers, 3-zone PID temperature control, auto-backflush and rinse time and a real-time temperature and pressure readout make this the machine of choice for those serious about coffee and design.

technical specification

Specifications tap mod 1 gr
Height (cm) 14 41
Width (cm) 30 36
Depth (cm) 30 14
Weight (kg) 7 16
Voltage (Single Phase) 220-240V 220-240V
Capacity (litres) 1.2 dual boiler



Use our customisation tool to play around with the colour of your finishes, handle and countertop.


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