strada x

Designed for and by baristas

the strada platform has been designed to encourage creativity and customisation so that each machine can be unique.

Over the course of two years La Marzocco worked with thirty of the world’s finest coffee professionals to design an espresso machine. This group was known as the “Street Team”. The Strada, which means street in Italian, was named in their honour. The Strada X improves upon the features and modernises the aesthetics of the original, while combining the most advanced features across the La Marzocco range of products. A lower profile invites customer engagement in a café setting, while alsoe providing the barista an open, expansive work area.

The Strada is now available in 2 different configurations to meet the specific needs of baristas and cafés around the world.


Proportional Valve Technology
Control steam pressure with pinpoint accuracy on an electronically controlled valve.

Independent Boilers
Grouphead specific boilers allow for simultaneous custom brew temperatures while a separate steam boiler delivers on-demand steam pressure.

Independent Pumps
An external pump provides stable pressure for Smart Saturation while grouphead specific pumps can simultaneously run unique pressure profiles.

PID Temperature Control
Set independent temperatures for each grouphead and steam boiler accurate to 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit.

PID Pressure Control
Create unique pressure curves with the knowledge that profiles are tuned by a PID system that updates 40 times each second.

Saturated Groups
Ensure unsurpassed thermal stability, shot after shot.


Manual, Profile, and AV Modes
Create pressure curves manually, save them to repeatable profiles, or set a custom pressure and target weight in AV mode to optimize your workflow.

Straight-In Portafilters
Reduce barista strain and puck damage while reducing prep time between espresso shots.

Steam Flush
Automatically cleans your grouphead between shots to increase barista speed.

Drip Tray Scales
Pair the extremely accurate Drip Prediction algorithm with pressure profiles to deliver unprecedented shot consistency.

Pro Touch Steam Wands
High performing steam wands that are cool to the touch.

Hot Water Economiser
Enables you to fine-tune the tap water temperature for rinsing.

Expansive Drip Tray
Increases a barista’s work space with extra room to stage cups and cleaning cloths.

Technical Specifications

Specifications 1grp 2grp 3grp
Height (cm) 50 50 50
Width (cm) 53 83 103
Depth (cm) 69 69 69
Weight (kg) 66 94 101
Voltage (Single Phase) 220V-240V
Coffee Boiler Capacity (litres)
1.3 2.6 3.9
Steam Boiler Capacity (litres)
3.5 8.2 11.8


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