#mylineaclassic winner

June 20, 2022 in New Zealand

We’ve been celebrating the Linea Classic’s 30th anniversary alongside our incredible coffee community. As we have celebrated the legacy of our iconic workhorse we have enjoyed hearing the special memories you share with the industry icon. In the spirit of celebrating a huge milestone, we chose three winners from our #mylineaclassic competition on Instagram with some epic stories to share.

Andrew Feldon, our first place winner of the #mylineaclassic competition told us the story of his Linea Classic,

“This old girl is around 29 years old from what I can tell, and believe it or not, was found under a tree many years ago. Years prior to using it to start the first @mouthwatercoffee cart, I used it in my garage while preparing to compete in the NZ Barista champs 2006/2008. It has been such a workhorse never skipping a beat!”


The winning post:

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