preparing your espresso machine for temporary closures during covid-19

March 24, 2020 in Uncategorized

With the recent announcement that New Zealand will be moving to an Alert Level 4 on Wednesday 25 March at 11:59 pm, many cafes will need to temporarily shut their doors to help combat the spread of Covid-19.  With that in mind, we would like to provide you with some recommendations on what to do as you prepare to close and what to do on your upon your return. This advice is designed to ensure you get the best performance from the machine, not waste energy and keep the coffee tasting great for the happy day when our businesses are all allowed to re-open.

preparing your espresso machine for temporary closure

  • Carry out normal daily/weekly cleaning  – back flushing with a chemical cleaner, wiping surfaces.
  • Deep clean the drain box area, so that residual coffee doesn’t go mouldy.
  • Turn the power off for the espresso machine (at machine switch, then at wall socket)
  • With water mains still open, let the machine cool down. When close to room temperature, shut off water supply to equipment.
  • There’s no need to empty the boilers for a four week shutdown, unless your location gets cold enough to freeze water pipes.
  • For closures of more than three months, you should drain the boilers – requires a trained technician – and continue to store your machine in a heated environment if possible.
  • Make a plan to restart equipment prior to reopening your café
  • Turn off grinders and any other bar appliances at the wall

turning things back on when you return

  • Turn on the water supply
  • Flush at least 5 litres through water filter (if closure more than 8 weeks, some filter manufacturers recommend to replace the cartridge)
  • Turn on the espresso machine and appliances at the wall.
  • Flush each group head for at least two minutes
  • Once hot, run at least 2 litres through hot water tap, and open both steam wands for at least one minute.
  • Some La Marzocco models (PB and later) have a menu option to drain the steam boiler automatically through the hot tap – call us to find out how to access this feature.

If you have any questions, we are here to support you during this time of uncertainty. Please don’t hesitate to contact us (09) 307 2060. Kia kaha.


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