Songwa June 2017 Expedition

June 22, 2017 in International

La Marzocco is happy to announce, on behalf of the Songwa Estates partners, La Marzocco, Mahlkönig and Probat, that its sustainable innovation efforts through Hands for Songwa has led to the construction of wells with modern pump and cement platforms within the vicinity of the coffee farm, Songwa Estates, Mbeya, Tanzania.

The inauguration of this new local infrastructure, which was celebrated on June 14 in the company of the local villagers and team members Massimiliano Baldaccioni, Silvia Bartolini, Simone Battani, Erika Caselli, Simona Gatti, Simone Gucci, Francesca Mazzuoli and Alessio Sabatini, also coincided with La Marzocco’s annual staff expedition to origin. Each year, Songwa partner staff, clients, as well as professionals who work within the coffee sector and coffee enthusiasts have the opportunity to fly to Songwa and experience first-hand what the non-profit endeavor provides to its partners and the industry. The endeavor consists of both an on-site educational program to learn about the numerous intricacies involved in growing, harvesting and processing green coffee as well as cause-related activities to provide support to the local community whose livelihoods depend on coffee. La Marzocco is especially proud to share that the inhabitants of the Songwa communities, for the very first time, have access to clean water, thereby improved life and socio-economic conditions.

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