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Pro app on ipad nothing changed. it just got easier. Pro app on ipad nothing changed. it just got easier.

Nothing changed.
it just got easier.

Nothing changed. It just got easier.

The pro app allows adjustments to the machine to be made easier, simpler, and more intuitive.
This allows you to focus on what matters: creating great coffee drinks, not programming the machine.

It also allows for the machine to communicate back, allowing owners easy access to information about their equipment.
Whether you have one machine or a fleet, allow the pro app to help you make successful, data driven decisions.

Pro App will become native on newer La Marzocco Espresso Machines.

Over time, third party services will allow for the machine to better evolve with your needs.
Did we mention that it is retrofittable to existing equipment?
Easily upgrade the experience of your Linea PB or KB90.

Contact our sales team to learn more about upgrading your machine.


Find the links to download the Pro App onto your mobile or tablet devices below:


android store
app store
For the App to work and for the machine to stay connected, please update whenever there is an update available. Failure to do this may show that the machine is disconnected. If the app is still not showing the machine connection or stats of your compatible machine, contact our technical team and they will help you troubleshoot this. 
Pro App on new la marzocco Commercial machine. nothing changed. it just got easier.