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Modbar Modbar


Beautiful under-counter commercial coffee equipment

Modbar in a cafe setting
the freedom to focus on customers

At the heart of every beautiful cafe experience is an unrelenting focus on the customer. From bar flow to brew parameters and that distinct design aesthetic you’ve been looking for, Modbar puts you in full control.

Create a space where design and efficiency don’t have to compete.

You can now introduce the workflow that fits your space best.
Mix and match espresso, steam and pour-over as combined or stand-alone stations.

It’s up to you.


see configurations

Modbar steam and av tap configuration
steam taps
Pour-over taps

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Use our customisation tool to play around with the colour of your finishes, handle and countertop.
“modbar allows us to have the entire coffee preparation experience on display. from the moment the order is placed, to the moment the coffee is served, everything will be totally visible to the customer. we see this bar design as part of the evolution of the specialty coffee service experience.”


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