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La Marzocco Refurbished

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why choose la marzocco

“The refurbishment program run by La Marzocco has become an essential pillar of sustainability in our coffee roasting business. Old machines that may once have been doomed to be recycled (or worse) are now able to be completely renewed and brought back to the look and function of a brand new machine by La Marzocco New Zealand’s team of expert craftsmen. We have found the La Marzocco refurbishment program to represent the best type of sustainability – that which makes both commercial and environmental sense. Long may it continue!” –Jono (Jonathan) Norton of Chiasso Coffee Roasters


Sam and Ana La Marzocco New Zealand Technicians La Marzocco Refurbished
future focused with a circular economy model

The La Marzocco Refurbished program ensures our machines have a meaningful end of life option and are never abandoned in a wasteful way. It is designed to to support the trade-in of older machines and balance the need for new machines. Making our repaired, refurbished and remanufactured machines accessible via this platform allows us to support the needs of other like-minded circular businesses. We are proud to have a program that gives continued life to our machines and allows customers the opportunity refresh or upgrade to new equipment whilst managing the lifecycle of their equipment.



ordering a refurbished machine

We have a changing inventory and availability of refurbished machines. To find out what we’re working on or to
enquire about a trade-in opportunity, get in touch with us.


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La Marzocco Certified Refurbished
La Marzocco Refurbished

essential features

trusted la marzocco technicians

It takes a certain type of person to deliver the levels of professionalism, skill, and attention to detail that we expect. All reconditioning work will be undertaken by La Marzocco trained technicians using specific tools, diagnostic equipment and La Marzocco Genuine Parts. We always work to the most exacting standards, which is why only our machines and refurbished work can be certified by our factory.

rigorous testing

Every machines undertakes a full functional testing where our technicians assess the unique performance characteristics of both electrical and hydraulic performance to ensure each specific area is monitored to ensure the machine’s optimum performance. By undertaking such rigorous testing, the quality of your La Marzocco Refurbished machine can be guaranteed.​

la marzocco genuine parts

We use the right parts every time with no compromises. You will receive a refurbished machine with Genuine La Marzocco replacement parts (as needed). La Marzocco Genuine Parts are designed with precision to maintain the performance of our machines. Their exceptional durability is cost effective and extends service intervals regardless of machine age.

backed by warranty

We stand behind our work. La Marzocco Refurbished machines are backed by a one year warranty, the same as our new machines. It’s part of the ‘Built to Last’ promise.

service & support

Our team of technicians can coordinate for your machine to be installed, maintained at regular service intervals, and provide reactive service to ensure the machines optimum performance.


Our refurbished machines come with all accessories, cables, hoses, baskets and handles. They can be boxed up in original packaging for delivery or pick up.

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