La Marzocco, the historical Tuscan manufacturer of espresso coffee machines, grieves its Honorary President, Piero Bambi passes away at the age of 86 in Florence, Italy in the early hours of March 22nd 2020.

Piero Bambi Profile photo

Son of the founder, Giuseppe, Piero Bambi has been part of the company’s history throughout his own life, driven by his great passion for coffee, beautiful mechanics, craftsmanship and design.

His love for espresso, and the technical expertise that he inherited from his father led him to achieve significant technological innovations in an aim for the best result in the cup.

While deeply tied to Italian tradition and ingenuity. Piero was open to any culture that could instil new concepts concerning espresso coffee, a beverage which he considered to be magical.

Intuitive and generous, he embraced the value of cultural and generational diversity. Creating a deep bond with the global community as well as with his “skilled workers”, his master craftsmen. Although he sold the majority of the company in 1994. As Honorary President he continued to work every day, with steadfastness and devotion towards the projects and the daily life of the company.

Farewell wishes

“I would like to say farewell to our eternal friend Piero, our mentor and the ultimate example of a keen commitment and passion for life, with a quote by a poet from my native land: Even the great deeds of great men come to an end, an end inscribed within their own vital spirit, and long prepared, even when it seems sudden. – Piero Chiara … Thank you, Piero, we will miss you.”

– Guido Bernardinelli

“For more than 40 years Piero Bambi has been my friend, my inspiration, my mentor, my partner and my teacher. Not only about espresso coffee machines and ‘caffè espresso’ but also life and culture. His contributions to the world of espresso coffee and to the lives of so many people will be remembered and appreciated. He will be missed but not forgotten. Thank you, Piero, for the gift of your spirit and the legacy that you have left for all of us to enjoy.”

– Kent Bakke

“You can learn a technique, but you develop passion only through dedication, love, pride and respect for your work.”

– Piero Bambi

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