Allpress Espresso, have recently unveiled their own space within the international terminal of Auckland Airport. Travellers can enjoy the convenience of a delicious cup of coffee made on a La Marzocco Linea PB before embarking on their journey or the familiarity of a beloved brew upon their return into Aotearoa.

coffee being made on the linea PB

With a global reputation for their distinctive coffee and dedication to exceptional flavour, Allpress is excited to introduce their specialty blends and signature café ambiance to the vibrant airport atmosphere designed by Deidra Hodgson alongside Project Manager, Phil Llewellyn of PDC. Next time you fly international be sure to stop into this new addition to Auckland Airport.

Auckland Airport Allpress Espresso Cafe

“We are delighted to be a part of the vibrant atmosphere at Auckland International Airport. Our aim is to provide travellers with a moment of comfort and pleasure through our signature flavour and a warm and welcoming café environment. We look forward to sharing our passion for specialty coffee with a new audience and hope to become their go-to coffee spot at the airport.” 

CEO of Allpress Espresso, Adrienne Roberts.

Allpress Espresso and Linea PB

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