Static-Free Grinding

The core of the Swan is built around an anti-static system that uses an electrical charge to remove static electricity from the ground coffee. When coffee picks up a static charge during grinding, it tends to cling to surfaces and spray everywhere around the counter. Most espresso grinders combat static charge by pushing the coffee through a chute or a flap, but this causes the clumping. With the Swan’s anti-static system, the coffee can fall freely into the portafilter in a light, fluffy pile.

Zero Retention Espresso Grinding

The design of the Swan flips how the burrs are arranged, eliminating the need for an internal grinding chute and allowing the coffee to fall directly from the burr set. This creates minimal ground coffee retention, creating less waste and quicker grind adjustments. The anti-static system keeps the coffee flowing smoothly without any clumping, leading to more accurate programmed doses and less counter mess.

Swan in the window front


The Swan uses an advanced motor controller that’s able to maintain a constant burr speed, even as the coffee moving through the burrs creates resistance. The sensor that monitors burr speed is also able to track the number of burr rotations, creating a new metric for programming your dose. By using burr rotations instead of time, the Swan’s programmable buttons deliver higher consistency from dose to dose. Combined with the offset-belt driven motor to reduce heat build-up, the direct to portafilter grinding chute, and an anti-static system, the Swan offers unparalleled consistency—even in high volume environments.

coffee in the swan

Precise Grind Adjustments

By designing our own burr set, La Marzocco was able to machine each matching pair to be self-aligning as a part of the assembly process, which makes each Swan grinder more reliable and easier to adjust. Burr adjustment is handled by a pair of ambidextrous dials located on both sides of the hopper, so that everyone has easy access. Even more importantly, however, is the indirect burr-adjustment system. By utilizing a continuous indirect worm screw to move burrs closer and further apart, the Swan’s adjustment dial offers more precision than direct collar adjustment espresso grinders. This allows the barista access to ultimate fine-tuning when dialing in their espresso.

swan grinder buttons

Familiar Design

Since La Marzocco completely reimagined how the inside of an espresso grinder could operate, we were also able to update the exterior design as well. The Swan pulls lines and design elements from the entire La Marzocco espresso machine lineup while featuring the same three button system on the KB90, Linea PB, and Modbar AV. Its shape pairs beautifully with any La Marzocco espresso machine, creating a more coherent aesthetic for your counters.

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