Wally Milk is an automatic milk steamer. It is designed to simplify the milk steaming process, providing consistent, high quality milk at the touch of a button. Developed as a milk automation solution, Wally Milk focuses on improving the overall bar flow process with improved ergonomics. This enables the barista to focus on a more intimate customer experience. 

latte art made with automatic milk steamer

Wally Milk can be programmed with up to 20 recipes with specifications for milk temperature and level of aeration. This enables baristas to easily shift between dairy and milk alternatives and different types of beverages. 

How does Wally Milk work?

Wally Milk connects up to your commercial espresso machine, then uses a proximity sensor to measure the pitcher size and level of milk on the tray to begin steaming. The tray uses a unique oscillating motion that simulates the movement of a barista to create a consistent vortex while steaming. An infrared sensor located at the base of the drip tray monitors the milk temperature (in °C or °F) to stop the steaming process when the desired texture has been achieved. 

This automatic milk steamer is compatible with any commercial La Marzocco or Modbar machine. Best suited for high volume cafes, drive-throughs, restaurants. Or retail businesses that want to streamline staff training and quality of beverages. 

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