What is the La Marzocco Pro-App?

Pro-app is an app that allows you to connect to your machine and to get real-time data, even across multiple locations. It creates an easy way for baristas to modify the machine settings on the go without stopping the production flow.

Everything that you can set or change on your machine becomes accessible from the palm of your hand anywhere and anytime. All changes are almost instantaneous unless the machine is in use which then will be delayed until it is free to be updated.

The GB5 S and X are the first range to come with native connectivity through our new La Marzocco Pro-App. This new technology will be built in across other future machines in our range, like the Strada AVs, KB90s and Linea PBs.

Soon this gateway will become available to be retrofitted on all earlier models of  Strada AVs, KB90s and Linea PBs to connect with the Pro-App so no one misses out on this exciting feature to improve their experience.

Come experience it for yourself in our showroom.

Download the App below: