Here is the beginning of a series of interviews with owners of La Marzocco’s oldest and most reliable workhorse machine: The Linea Classic. Turns out the machine isn’t just here for a long time…

Meet Jacqui and Dan from Good Day Cafe.
3/78 Coates Ave, Orakei, Auckland.

Tell us why you opened a cafe?
We were working our asses off for someone else and thought, why not do it for ourselves?! That, and I convinced Jacqui to not put a deposit down on a flat and to put it into a cafe with me instead!

Good Day Cafe Barista
Good Day Cafe Linea Classic back view

Describe your cafe.
Simple things done well.

How many years have you spent with the Linea Classic?
Jacqui has been killing on the Linea Classic 2 group for 4 years at Good Day, and another 10 years prior at Dizzengoff.

Why La Marzocco, and the Linea Classic in particular?
There is, of course, the quality of the Linea Classic, so robust and smooth in its design and consistent coffee production but there is also this amazing iconicity of La Marzocco –  in terms of what they stand for and represent, which is great coffee and we want that to reflect us too.

Good Day Cafe making flat white
good day tamping coffee

How many coffees a week is your Classic making?
Somewhere around 250-300 beautiful Coffee Supreme coffees per day, and about 35kg of their delicious beans a week.

What would you change about the Linea Classic if you could?
Nothing really, we love the classic look, it’s super reliable, has never let us down… although maybe some taller feet to get to those hard to reach under coffee machine sticky good bits.

Favourite memory at Good Day?
There isn’t one particular thing that jumps out but more the fact that Good Day is always fun! Building those awesome relationships with the regulars. You get to be a part of their lives and them of yours, and we enjoy being a hub in this really lovely community in Orakei. Then we also get to work with our wonderful team and it just makes it great to be there! It really makes you appreciate that – it is actually yours. However, I do remember that first day off after 1 ½ years being a pretty sweet sleep in!

Good Day Cafe ambience