In the 1960s New Brighton was the only place in Christchurch where retail shops could be open on a Saturday. As a result, a new cafe that brings beach vibes at Saturdays in New Brighton. Saturdays in New Brighton were full of energy, with people buzzing through the shops and along the New Brighton Pier. Now, Saturdays café is celebrating that history and all that it meant to the community of Christchurch in this cheerful seaside location.

Saturdays opened their doors on the 31st of May on the Queen’s Birthday public holiday unveiling a custom KB90. The KB90 is a machine that was designed specifically to increase speed of service in high volume cafes while also being safer and more ergonomic for the barista.

All that functionality is paired with a retro aesthetic. That has panels which have been designed so that virtually infinite customisation combinations are possible. Because the panels are metallic and easily removed, this makes them easy to powder coat. This allows the cafe owner to match the machine to the look and feel of their café or restaurant.

Saturdays took full advantage of this customisation possibility. By choosing a vibrant colour palette matching the lighthearted spirit of the new café. A reminiscent of the lively place New Brighton has been, and what it is sure to be again.

The cafe is the newest addition to the Hepuna Taimoana hot pools which boast stunning beachside views. The café serves coffee from Grey Roasting Co. and their latest menu matches the winter season + beach vibes.  If you’re in the Christchurch area, it’s a stop not to be missed.