La Marzocco is found in Commercial Bay, a new development in Auckland conveniently located within steps of Britomart and the Viaduct. It offers a range of experiences in shopping, entertainment and hospitality. That diversity is mirrored by La Marzocco’s varied customer set and the unique machine solutions provided within the precinct.

Inside Commercial Bay you will find seven La Marzocco espresso machines including the Kb90, Modbar, Linea Classic and Linea PB. This provides guests with the opportunity to partake in a La Marzocco cafe tour without ever even leaving the building.

“There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing an espresso machine.  It’s about finding the right balance of function and design to suit, and of course the needs of each individual business. With such a range of equipment in use across the various venues. It was great to see a variety of La Marzocco machines being put to use within the commercial bay area,” says La Marzocco NZ’s Sales and Operations Manager, Richard Hodder.

kb90 and Modbar at Kōkako

Kōkako has transformed its 40sqm tenancy in Commercial Bay into a tactile, modern space that is all about openness and transparency.

“Usually in espresso bars, the working side of the coffee machine is hidden from the customer,” Murphy says, “but we wanted to open it up so that our customers could watch our baristas craft their coffee and steam their milk — we want to include them in every step of the process.” says Kōkako’s Managing Director, Mike Murphy.

With these concepts front of mind, it’s no surprise that they opted to include the Modbar in their new space.

Modbar, a part of the La Marzocco family, is the original under the counter brewing manufacturer. Modbar’s innovative solutions make an instant statement. By allowing café designers to create an iconic space for their customers, where design and efficiency don’t have to compete.

While delivering a seamless customer oriented café experience, Modbar pushes the boundaries of what a café can be. It’s a premium product that lends itself to truly iconic spaces like this one.

Behind the counter also sits the latest in cutting-edge coffee technology. La Marzocco’s KB90 machine — one of only a handful in New Zealand. It is set to deliver its daily brews with unprecedented consistency.

The ergonomic design of the straight in portafilter eliminates the need for the twisting motion. That motion has led to so many repetitive stress injuries like barista wrist. The portafilter clicks in place with one simple straight in motion, improving natural workflow and output.

 Linea Classic at Bird on a Wire – Flight Coffee

Bird on a Wire has opened its 5th location serving up good vibes, free-range rotisserie chicken and Flight Coffee from a La Marzocco Linea Classic.

The Linea Classic’s clean lines and simple charm furnish many New Zealand cafes, roasteries, restaurants and chains whose names have defined the industry. It’s tried and true espresso machine that never goes out of style and its great for high-volume settings like  eateries in the new Commercial Bay precinct.

 Linea PB CaliPress and Public Drinks – Ozone Coffee Roasters

CaliPress joins the lineup with a menu that promotes a culture of health with lots of delicious whole-foods and a bright yellow La Marzocco Linea PB.

The Linea PB, named after the late Piero Bambi. It is an evolution of the Classic featuring that same iconic La Marzocco body. But with a few more bells and whistles like the friendly interface software that gives the barista the direct functional control over boiler temperature, brewing volume, hot water tap does, auto-back flush as well as other options.

Public Drinks  is a new hotspot by Matt Nicholls of Bedford & Soda. It offers an all day menu and a beautiful front bar. Tucked away at the back, you’ll find another Linea PB. Both Calipress and Public are brewing Ozone Coffee.

Line PB at Lieutenant and Linea Classic at Bowl and Arrow – Espresso Workshop

You’ll find a white Linea PB at Lieutenant, a coffee bar and eatery. A fun fact about the Linea PB is that it was the first La Marzocco machine equipped with the new generation of proprietary electronics and the classic 3 button interface.

Bowl and and Arrow has opened its 3rd location offering smoothie bowls and feel good foods. They’re brewing coffees for guests on a Linea Classic. Both of these spots are serving delicious coffee from Espresso Workshop.

Linea Classic at Best Ugly Bagels – Good Joe Coffee Co.

Grab a Montreal-style bagel from Best Ugly and a brew from chef Al Brown’s Good Joe Coffee Co. They’ll be brewing  their coffees on a La Marzocco Linea Classic.