master consistency and unlock repeatable coffee quality

The sync system – At Mahlkönig and La Marzocco, we share a common goal: delivering quality coffee moments with unmatched speed and convenience around the world. In collaboration we’ve taken the next step: unlocking the possibility of producing high-quality espresso shots that are reproducible and repeatable across different employees/baristas and locations.

What is the Sync System?
The Sync System consists of a Mahlkönig E80W Grind-by-Sync paired with a La Marzocco machine* which are seamlessly synchronised using the Mahlkönig Sync and LM Pro mobile app. The system allows wireless communication between the grinder and the espresso machine. It ensures that every espresso shot is of unparalleled quality, reproducible in all outlets, and by anyone operating the machine. No more manual adjustments – just great-quality shots every time.

*Linea PB ABR, GB5 ABR or KB90 ABR

How Does it Work?
Through wireless synchronisation via the Mahlkönig Sync and La Marzocco Pro apps, the espresso machine and grinder exchange data, adjusting the grind size automatically. If the shot runs too fast, indicating a coarse grind, the app signals the grinder to refine the grind adjustment. On the contrary, if the shot is too slow, indicating a fine grind, the grinder adjusts for coarser grinding. This real-time communication ensures consistency in taste and quality, creating the perfect cup, no matter the location.

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