In 2021 the linea classic turned 30

Designed entirely by Piero Bambi, the Linea Classic has been a trusted workhorse for over 30 years. It continues to reign as the longest-lived and most loved model of the La Marzocco espresso machine range.

celebrating a classic with allpress.

While launching the success of thousands of cafes globally, the Linea Classic is responsible for initiating some of our long-standing partnerships.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Linea Classic, we look back at partnership with Allpress across Australia and New Zealand. From the moment Allpress owner, Michael Allpress ordered his first machine from the late Piero Bambi, the Linea Classic has remained a beloved icon for Allpress customers until this day.

Watch as we meet some of the Allpress team across Australia and New Zealand and discover why the Linea Classic is a renowned and beloved industry icon.

Frith Joiner, long-time Allpress Espresso legend and Dan Brown, Allpress Espresso NZ General Manager, join forces to tell the story of how the Linea Classic made its way to New Zealand back in the 90s, why it’s so loved by technicians, their take on the Classic’s iconic silhouette, as well as sharing some of the locations of the oldest Classics still in use around the country.

“The Classic lines of the Linea looked good in a cafe in the 90s and they look good in a cafe today.”

new zealand classic cafes

bambina ponsonby.

Bambina Café in Ponsonby has had a Linea Classic on the bench since 1996. In those 25 years they’ve never had to stop making coffee. We connected with former café co-owners Peter and Sarah Wren to share their story of their Linea Classic.

the general.

Mike and Nadia, café owners at The General in Epsom describe their Linea Classic as reliable, functional, and stylish. It can take a thrashing, but it just stands up to everything.