Meet Emma from Bestie Cafe.
179/183 Karangahape Rd, Auckland.

Linea Classic Yellow at Bestie Cafe

Tell us why you opened Bestie.

My partner Tane Williams and I, opened Bestie in 2016. We had been living in Napier, after time overseas, and wanted to open a business down there. We had a string of bad luck finding a spot so, when our friends up in Auckland told us about the space opening up at the back of St Kevin’s Arcade we jumped on it- and got it, much to our surprise! So we moved our lives up, Tane left his Illustration career to jump into hospo, and never looked back!

How would you describe the brand of your cafe?

Classics with a twist? I dunno, that’s a hard one. I guess what we’re trying to do is simple food, but the best possible versions of it. Same goes with coffee – but trying to do it without snobbery, and want to make sure our customers feel looked after and like they are in a comfortable space. Design wise, we have a pretty specific idea of what we like – bright, bold and jungle! Tane is from a design background and we’re both pretty creative so doing all that stuff is really fun to us.

Bestie Cafe ambience
Linea Classic Bestie Cafe with Barista

What about your part of Auckland city?

K Rd is the best area in Auckland, hands down. The people are amazing, creative, open-minded and supportive. It’s actually fun to go to work, and you can get everything you need in one street. The options are endless.

How long have you been using the Linea Classic for?

Well – at Bestie, since we opened so, about 3 and a half years. But before that, I’ve always worked on La Marzoccos. I learnt how to make coffee on Maranui’s ​2 group Linea Classic, its body was covered with parts from antique metal cabinets. ​I have also made coffees on the Linea Classic everywhere I have lived: London, Napier and everywhere in between! By this stage, I would say I’m pretty familiar with them!

Bestie Cafe Vibes

Why choose La Marzocco, and specifically the Linea Classic?

Because La Marzocco is the best on the market. We needed our machine to handle large volumes, consistently, so it was the perfect choice for us. We needed it to be simple enough to handle so that we can teach others the coffee making basics when they started. I always feel like the Linea Classic is an approachable machine, but sophisticated enough to make extremely good coffee. It’s designed so well, and the parts are simple to replace, or repair when needed. Also, it has a classic Italian look and vibe, that I personally love.

How many coffees is your Linea Classic making at Bestie?

Around 150-200 on a weekday, and 250 + on a weekend. We go through about 40-45 kgs of  Eighthirty coffee a week.

Bestie Cafe K Road
Bestie Cafe logo

What would you change about your machine, if you could?

Nothing actually! In my opinion, it’s perfectly crafted- it’s user-friendly, and when you have a little more knowledge it’s easy to adapt the machine for your personal requirements. For example setting volumetrics etc. Also, I love how you can personalise it to suit the vibe of your cafe – right down to all the smallest details of colours, badges etc.

Favourite memory from Bestie?

Apart from some great parties, I would say just having those shifts where your super busy, staff are having fun, the music is good, the customers are happy, and the sun is pouring into the arcade like a glasshouse! I know that’s cheesy – but it’s basically a perfect day at work for me. Also, having Jacinda Ardern in for brekkie was pretty exciting too!